Replies 2.0, Adjustable Link Previews, Name Colors and More

Replies 2.0, Adjustable Link Previews, Name Colors and More

Today's update lets you quote specific parts of messages when replying, send your replies to other chats, add quote formatting to any text, configure link previews, choose a color for your account, and much more.

Reply Revolution

Telegram pioneered replies back in 2015, for the first time giving people an intuitive way of following complex conversations in chats. Other messaging apps have adopted Telegram's standard – and today we're pushing the boundaries further.

Now users can quote specific parts of any message, making their responses 100% precise. Tapping the quote focuses on the exact location in the original message with a beautiful animation.

To quote a message, tap (on iOS, hold) the message, then hold and drag to select text and choose 'Quote'.

Starting today, replies can also be sent to other chats – in case you want to reply privately or move the discussion to a different group or channel. Tapping the reply from another chat opens the message in its original chat if you are allowed to access it.

To reply in a different chat, tap the reply bar above the input field, select 'Reply in Another Chat', then choose where you'd like to send it.

Quote Formatting

Beyond quoting others directly, you can add quote formatting to any text, including multiple quotes in one reply.

Quote Formatting

We've also improved the context menu to make formatting options easier to access.

Adjustable Link Previews

In 2015, Telegram was also the first messaging app to add detailed link previews, showing a title, description and media for the page.

This update gives you unprecedented control over link previews in your messages. You can change the size of media, choose whether the preview appears above or below your message and select which link to preview if there are several.

Opening links has become easier since you can now tap anywhere in the preview area.

Reply, Forwarding and Link Settings

Whenever you're replying when forwarding messages, including links in a reply, or doing all three together, you can now access all settings using the new tabs in the menu.

Premium Account Colors

With Telegram Premium, you can customize your account further than ever by choosing a color or color combination for your account.

This changes the color of your name in all groups, any links you send, as well as replies to your messages.

Additionally, you can choose an icon that will be used as a pattern, creating a unique background behind your messages when others quote or reply to you.

To set an account color on Android, go to Settings > Chat Settings > Change Name Color. On iOS, go to Settings > Appearance > Your Name Color.

These settings are also available for channels that have been boosted to Level 5 or higher.

Story Improvements

Stories now let you fast-forward and rewind videos – simply hold down on the screen and then slide right or left.

For better, brighter selfies, you can use the front flash – with flexible settings for warmth and intensity.

To adjust the warmth and intensity of the flash, hold the ⚡ icon when using the front-facing camera for a story.

Opening stories for the first time shows a quick tutorial, covering their basic browsing gestures.

That's all for today. We'll be Linking Forward to your Replies while we're working on the next update.

October 28, 2023
The Telegram Team